Ronny Moortgat

Ronny Moortgat, born in 1951 in the village of Niel situated on the banks of the river Rupel in Belgium. Growing up in Schelle where the Rupel meets the river Schelde, I developed a passion for drawing and painting maritime subjects.

"The reason to paint maritime subjects is probably to be found with my family roots. On my mothers side there were quite a few river barge men and my father was involved in the shipping business."

The water has always fascinated me, in my spare time I enjoy sailing on the inland waterways of Holland and around the channel coast.

Trained has technical draughtsman, my parents insisting on achieving a conventional diploma before pursuing my chosen career as a painter. On completing my diploma, I spent 6 years at art school "drawing and painting". During this period I also studied etching and printing.

"Alongside the rather strict classical work I also do the more impressionist approach that involves the rather loose brushstroke. I try to create detail and atmosphere. I also try to learn from other painters by looking very closely at their work and reading all about them. The process of learning never stops, boarders are constantly redefined. Always trying to do better but never satisfied !

1995 Membership of the Belgian Society of Maritime Artists
1996 Work bought by the National Maritime Museum of Antwerp
1999 Selected with work at the annual exhibition of the RSMA
from then on every year
2000 Included in the "Dictionary of Sea painters" by E. Archibald
2001 Work selected for the exhibition of the Maritime Artists in Paris
2004 Selected as Associate member to the RSMA
2005 Included in the book about the Royal Society of Maritime Artists

I have been commissioned by several organisations and private companies,
Including the City counsel of Hoboken (Belgium) and the port of Rotterdam and has work in private collections in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain , Japan, China and the USA.

Ronny Moortgat
Fabiolalaan, 181 - BE 2627 SCHELLE - 0486 349 731

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A few works (scroll):



Balclutha riding high



Glenesslin close hauled



Boarding party



Gloucester pilot



Het verdachte schip



ss Rotterdam 1930