Jean Luyens


Born in Ostend, Belgium (1932) Jean Luyens was brought up in a seafaring family. After a five year stay in England during world war two he studied art in “Saint Luke “ academy in Ghent. Becoming art director in advertising, he worked in different agencies and also as freelance as graphic designer and illustrator.

Besides advertising he preferred painting watercolours rendering seascapes and shipping, organising exhibitions in Brussels, Ostend, France and England.

Since 1997 he became Official member of the Belgian Marine Painters. His Sea-pieces showing the famous British yachts from the beginning of the 20th century are usually seen with admiration.

Jean Luyens
Zwaluwstraat 8 - BE 1170 BRUSSELS - 02 672 94 70

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A few works (scroll):


Maldon on Blackwater estuary



Montgomery dok - Oostende



Sailing in the sun




San Giorgio Majore - Venise



The Endeavour



Ruelle Vénitienne