Ivan Good


Ivan Good is an artist of international reputation and one of the greatest marine painters whose creative imagination crossed borders of oceans.
Ivan Good was born in Antwerp on June 23 1930. His talents appeared at a very young age. He enrolled at the "Ecole d'Art" in Geneva and studied graphic art where he assimilated realism and accuracy.
Back in Belgium, he discovers his passion for competitive sailing. Meanwhile, he works on his first important artistic commissions; at the 1958 World Fair, he designed a stand for the CMB, an important shipping company, and decors for the National Maritime Museum in Antwerp.
He acquired a sailing boat "Le Grand Frère" which became renowned in yacht clubs. Sailing around on his boat like a Bohemian skipper, he enjoyed a combination of sailing and painting.
Ivan Good becomes an "old seadog", but also an artist whose works can be seen gracing the walls of a number of famous galleries since 1977.
Many of Ivan's works are abroad, in museums and private collections. He regularly has exhibitions in Belgium, the United States, France, Switzerland and Canada.
He is a co-founder of the Belgian Marine Painters.

Ivan Good
Cirkelstraat, 10-12 - BE 8400 OOSTENDE - 059 80 56 25

website : www.ivangood.com

e-mail : ivangood@tiscali.be


A few works (scroll):



BP tanker






Croisiére d'hiver



Entrainement d'hiver



L'automne d'un cargo



Marée basse



MT Karpov II



Pétrolier sur pied d'estelle